PLEASE NOTE: CrowART.ca is intended to be a FUN SITE, sharing CROW stories, a reason to expand our CrowART, share CROW mini muffin recipes, and add a dash of NONSENSE throughout this site and other social media. Using our Lucky CROW Lotto Number Generator is meant for people of legal age to play lotteries. If you win the LOTTO using our Lucky CROW Lotto Number Generator, it would be bad KARMA NOT to buy 10 pounds or 5 KG of peanuts and feed them to the CROWS found just about anywhere. All CROWS shown or mentioned on this site have NOT been harmed and are compensated for the use of their likeness. If you would like to sponsor a Crow ART postcard / greeting card, contact Ric Wallace.  I have visited many ART galleries and have found there are many people creating works of Art of CROWS or including them in their works of art. I was surprised the domain CrowART.ca was never registered in CANADA. With a few clicks of the mouse the CrowART.ca empire was started by Ric Wallace. He sees things others do not as he was the first to register WhiteRockBeach.ca, PlaySmart.ca, WinBig.ca and many other Internet domains.

This site was inspired by the CROWS at White Rock Beach, British Columbia Canada. This first started while looking for mini white rocks – a unique souvenir for tourists – in front of the BIG 486 ton White Rock found on the beach on the edge of Semiahmoo Bay.

We were looking to see if we could find some mini WHITE pebbles to MAYBE market as souvenirs. My wife was moving stones with her foot and walking forward. She had the feeling she was being followed and turned around to surprise a CROW following in her footsteps trying to figure out what she was finding. The crow STOPPED and he turned around to see if someone was following him.  This was the event that brought a like for the dark side – CROWS.

Through the use of Instagram, there are people around the globe who feed, love and are under the spell of CROWS. A portion of CROW STUFF profits does get reinvested in peanuts to feed CROWS and any squirrels we see.

Other experiences with these INTELLIGENT BIRDS has led to the creation of this site and a bunch of CROW STUFF. Because of laws about removing stones from government-owned property – shoreline, we opted to purchase white stones from a garden supply place to be legal. Since then, Ric Wallace has produced crow postcards, greeting cards, magnets, canvas prints, photo prints and framed crow portraits like the one of Edgar Allen CROW shown below. Being an ARTIST selling postcards, greeting cards, magnets, photos, etc Ric has found there are many CROW lovers and many people who do NOT like CROWS. This site & Ric’s efforts are catering to those people who like CROWS, although he jokes his “Happy Birthday from one old Crow to another” could be given to people who like or do not like CROWS.This framed 8″x 8″  print of Edgar Allen Crow in a 12″ x 12″ black aluminum frame is $125 all taxes included.

White Rock BC Photo Restoration  Ric Wallace can bring FADED or partially lost PHOTOS back to LIFE
Old, torn and sometimes photos in two or more pieces can be restored to their original state or better. Ric Wallace does a high resolution scan from your original image and electronically uses a computer to do the retouching and corrections. High quality photographic prints can be obtained from the computer file. The computer file can be supplied on CD/ DVD, USB, or downloaded from the internet to ensure exact copies can be made for years to come, with no loss in quality like prints made from negatives which will degrade over time.

ARTographer Ric Wallace has gotten to know many more CROWS in the lower mainland of BC. The CROWS also remember he and his wife like to frequently walk the promenade and the streets of White Rock / South Surrey.

As a joke Ric Wallace created a birthday card featuring White Rock Beach CROWS and a version with just the bird to sell at his tent he sets up at White Rock Beach – see WhiteRockBeach.ca and WhiteRockBeachGallery.com.

Above was my 2016 setup – one tent & 5 tables. Below was 2017 with 2 tents and 5 tables.

Happy Birthday – From One Old Crow To Another! Even old CROWS like the famous White Rock Beach in British Columbia, CANADA.

There is almost never a day goes by when he does not sell at least one of these cards when set up at the beach. Because people see the card and stop to talk about their experiences and love of these birds, the need for CrowART.ca was registered to produce a whole line of CROW products.

Ric Wallace is a very LAZY person who subscribes to the philosophy "Do the work once and sell it a million times." He has produced more than 300 White Rock / South Surrey postcards and greeting cards as well as a Wildlife of Canada series. Ric's goal for 2018 and beyond is to explode the CrowART line of postcards, greeting cards, magnets, poster prints, Wall ART and more. cool-photographer Ric Wallace of White Rock Beach, BC CANADA considers himself to be an ARTographer, which he defines as someone with a strong background in photography, as well as an aptitude for graphic design and the ability to combine the two into one art form, digitally, on a computer.   Shopping at the White Rock Beach Gallery is COOL place to find CROW ART or CROWOLGY items at White Rock Beach, BC Canada. CROWtogapher ARTIST Ric Wallace, helps expand our Crow ART and running this site. With computers & camera equipment outdated quickly, we are in desperate need of updating computer & photography equipment.

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  On the photography side, Ric has mastered lighting, composition, and the ability to see the world from a non-traditional viewpoint. He often incorporates shapes silhouetted in photographs for impact and visual interest. Often when taking a photograph, he thinks more like an artist or an art director than a photographer. Ric doesn't just see the image before him; he visualizes its future use in a variety of products and/or media. He knows how to attract attention in order to promote his ARTography. In 2011, he travelled by car three time zones as far west as he could in Canada until he reached Tofino, BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island. He started working his way back in the direction of Ontario and happened to visit White Rock, BC – a place he had never heard of before. With August temperatures of 21 to 23C, White Rock was very appealing compared to southwestern Ontario temperatures of 40 to 50C with humidity and hail storms. As a bonus, Ric even found they grew palm trees here! Spending just one winter in White Rock convinced Ric to stay and make the west coast his new home. Back in 1995, Ric's love of nature photography – and, in particular, wildlife – led him to create an entire line of photographs dedicated to white squirrels. He marketed those images locally, but it was time to try online promotion. And so, it was the white squirrels that created a need for him to learn website design. After 21 years, he is still actively promoting his white squirrel photographs. What he did for the white squirrels, he saw an opportunity for the "white rock" that gave this community its name.  
Both of these ready-to-hang framed prints are in stock and ready to purchase from