EJ (Edgar Junior) – The Second Generation

In the spring of 2017 Edgar & Victoria had a son we call EJ (Edgar Junior). EJ was in training as a crow and was often seen with his beak open waiting for food to be delivered by his parents. He was also a squawker until he learned he could get his own food. Crows will tell their offspring who are the good and bad people. EJ knows I am OK and will come the closest to me of any crow at the beach. EJ is notifiable by the nice and distinctive feathers on his chest and head area.

The above photo shows EJ’s distinctive feathers on his chest and back of his head – Click on the above photo for larger view.

EJ has not quite learned how things work. When he spots me, he starts squawking to let his parents know and in turn alerts the seagulls. We try not to feed the seagulls as there is lots for them to eat elsewhere. EJ is one of the mascots for LotteryCrow.com, as he likes to pose for photos and in turn is rewarded with peanuts.