Victoria, the West Beach Crow

Edgar’s wife, we call Victoria, was very timid at first but has warmed up towards me and has often spent most of the day on the railing or in the trees watching my setup. Victoria  is very gentle and smaller in size than Edgar, and when she opens her beak the side had a reddish colour, whereas Edgar’s inside mouth is black. When people are visiting my setup, Victoria is very well behaved and does not make a noise.

One day while my wife was visiting, she watched Victoria nibbling on a mini muffin when all of a sudden Edgar swooped in and snatched the muffin from under her beak! Perhaps she’s smaller in size because Edgar the muffin bandit steals a lot of her food.


Edgar Allen Crow - Approved Recipes to Feed Crows

NOTE: Humans will enjoy these as long you do not add any bugs or roadkill to these recipes.