EDGAR ALLEN CROW – The Muffin Connoisseur

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EDGAR ALLEN CROW was the first west beach crow whom we developed a friendship with and an appreciation for. Edgar is a very unique bird with his own personality. Another artist at the beach said Edgar’s portrait above made him look more like a person than just another bird photo.

One day another artist had just purchased a coffee and muffin from a local coffee shop and was sitting having a break. A few people came so the artist walked over to talk to the potential customers.

When he returned to his chair his coffee was there, but his fresh muffin was gone.

Edagr thought the artist was having a problem eating his muffin so he thought he would help himself. To date Edgar has taken 3 full-sized muffins and is the main suspect in an iPhone case theft. The local RCMP had no evidence Edgar was the culprit (Edgar does not own a cell phone or even a telephone number), so he was NOT charged with the theft of an iPhone case valued under $100.  An officer on the scene said “Edgar was NOT charged with the crime, or he would have been in the back of the cop car“, instead of on the roof. LOL.

Edgar’s wife, we call Victoria, was very timid at first but has warmed up towards people and has often spent most of the day on the railing or in the trees watching my setup. Victoria is very gentle and smaller in size than Edgar, and when she opens her beak the side has a reddish colour, whereas Edgar’s inside mouth is black. When people are visiting my setup, Victoria is very well behaved and does not make a noise.

In the spring of 2017 Edgar & Victoria had a son we call EJ (Edgar Junior). EJ was in training as a crow and was often seen with his beak open waiting for food to be delivered by his parents. He was also a squawker until he learned he could get his own food. Crows will tell their offspring who are the good and bad people. EJ knows I am OK and will come the closest to me of any crow at the beach. EJ is notifiable by the nice and distinctive feathers on his chest and head area.